Asheville Bat Removal and Control

We remove bats safely and effectively and prevent them from returning. If you need an Asheville Bat Removal specialist, give us a call.

How do I get rid of bats?

The human and safe way to remove bats from your attic is through exclusion. our bat removal specialist only provides a humane bat removal service. The bats fly out and are unable to return. Before the exclusion process, we check to make sure there are no babies. If you exclude the bats and leave the babies, besides being cruel, it will create another mess with a dead animal in your attic.

What is bat exclusion?

Exclusion is the safest method to remove bats from your house or attic. Next, a bat removal expert will inspect your home to find the bat colony’s location and determine if exclusion can be done safely. If exclusion can be done safely and humanely, Asheville Wildlife Control will determine all entrances and exits the bats are using. Next, they will install a one-way door, allowing the bats to leave but not return. The bat removal specialist will seal all entrances and exits to prevent the bats from returning.

How do I permanently get rid of bats?

Once all the bats are excluded, and the entrances into your living space are sealed, the bats will be permanently removed and unable to return. To have a successful bat removal it is important to seal every possible entrance. Bats are long-lived and intelligent, they will try to return to their roost.

Is there any risk of having bats in our house?

Yes, it could lead to several problems. First and foremost, bats are great for our environment and eat many pests like mosquitoes. However, it is not sanitary or safe to share a living space with bats. Their droppings can cause histoplasmosis.

Depending on the size of the bat colony, and bat colonies in Asheville can sometimes be quite extensive; there will also be a large amount of guano (excrement). It is essential to remove the guano as the smell can act as an attractant to other bats.

After the guano is removed, odor control is essential. We use an enzyme-based spray to break down the source of the odor. After odor control is applied, we recommend replacing all damaged insulation.

If you want to help the bats, we can install Bat Houses near the area they once roosted. Bat houses will give them a new roost to return to and help maintain the Asheville Bat population.

Do you provide bat eradication or bat extermination?

Bats are protected species; they are important to our environment for a variety of reasons. For this reason, we make the bats move on and don’t harm or hurt the bats.

If you kill the bats, you will have a much larger mess to clean up, and it will just attract other pests. Instead of destroying the bats, call us we provide a Professional Bat Removal service that is good for you and good for the bats.