Snake Trapping

Long Term Snake Control that Works!

How does Snake Trapping work?

We come out and conduct a site survey to determine the best type of traps to use in your situation. Then we set the traps and see how many snakes are in the area. After determining the number of snakes in your area, we develop a long-term trapping plan based on what we find.

Snake Trapping Made Easy
Picture of curled up Timber Rattlesnake found in a log pile by a home in Asheville NC

Why Trap Snakes?

Some areas have a high concentration of snakes; sometimes, this varies depending on the time of year. We will help safely remove all the snakes to ensure they don’t return

Do you trap venomous snakes?

Yes, we remove poisons or, more correctly, venomous snakes can present a danger to your family and pets. Even if you don’t see the snake, we can set traps to capture and remove all the snakes in your yard. Often you will see the snake; then, the snake has moved on by the time wildlife control arrives. When you are unable to locate the snake would be a good case for snake trapping.

We will also thoroughly conduct a site survey looking for snakes, and we can often find and remove the snake if you call us right away.

Snake Trapping

Control all the snakes in your area with safe trapping and removal!