Free Honeybee Removal – Asheville, Hendersonville, Maggie Valley, and WNC

In many cases Honey Bee removal is free, if you have a swarm in a tree I will come remove them from your property at no cost.  All other cases give me a call to discuss your Honey Bee problem. 

Please don’t spray the bees, it will just create more problems. There are ways to get them out of the wall without tearing your wall to pieces but if you spray them you will end up with a rancid mess and mad bees.

Swarm season is getting closer!!

This is a Honey Bee

If you have Honey Bees give me a call 828-215-4712

Open Honey Bee Hive in a tree

Wasp, Hornets, and Yellowjackets

Yellow Jackets normally live in the ground. An easy way to locate them is at sunrise or sunset. Look out into your yard and it should be easy to spot them coming and going from their nest in the ground.

Most other Wasp make their nest above ground. The nest very in size and shape. We also have a few digging wasp such as the cicada killer wasp which is an impressive wasp in size. They are solitary and rarely bother anyone. 

We also have european hornets in the area. Another very large hornet, they are called the gentle giant but they will destroy plants, trees, and fruit.

Not a Honeybee

If you have hornets, wasp, or yellow jackets and want them removed you should call a pest control company.

Bumble Bees

Our native pollinator bee along with Mason and Orchard bees. 

If you find a Bumble Bee nest and plan to destroy, I can remove these if they are indeed bumble bees.

Bumble Bee – These a much large than a Honey Bee

Are Honey Bees Aggressive?

As a rule honey bees are gentle, they have been selectively bred for centuries to be docile for beekeepers. If you leave them alone, they will generally leave you alone. If you disturb their hive, they will defend it. Remember a honey bee will die if it stings you, so stinging is a last resort for the bees.