Raccoon Removal

We Trap and Remove Raccoons

Remove Raccoons in the Yard

Live trapping raccoons is usually the best method to remove raccoons from your yard. Addressing why the raccoons are using your yard will prevent them from returning.

Asheville Raccoon Removal - photo of a raccoon posed next to a tree in Asheville, NC

Remove Raccoons in the Attic

Raccoons in your attic should be removed immediately.  In addition, to be vectors of rabies, raccoons carry a roundworm that can infect humans and cause Baylisascaris

Remove Raccoon Babies

If you want to relocate raccoon babies humanly, it is best to encourage them to move the babies and then prevent them from returning.

Raccoons cannot be relocated off property

Due to the possibility of humans contracting rabies or roundworms, both of which can be fatal, raccoons cannot be relocated off the property. If you don’t want to kill the raccoons, you can trap and relocate them on your property and discourage them from returning. Or you can make them move on on their own. We can help with both of these strategies.

Can You Help With Orphaned, Sick, or Injured Raccoons?

Sadly in North Carolina rehabilitators are not allowed to handle or even accept Raccoons. If you find orphaned baby raccoons, you could try and contact Appalachian Wildlife Refuge.  Injured or sick raccoons should be euthanized and buried. 

Raccoon Removal Made Simple

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