Asheville Snake Removal

We remove snakes from your house or property humanly. In addition to removing the snakes, we also will thoroughly check for additional snakes. After the snake removal is completed, we will provide an assessment of what actions you can take to make your home and property less desirable to snakes.

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Asheville Venomous Snake or Poisonous Snake Removal

There are only two species of venomous snakes in most of Western North Carolina. There are certainly only two species in the Asheville area. The Tiber Rattlesnake and Copperhead. There are plenty of look a likes, but if you know what you are looking at, it is easy to tell the difference between a harmless snake and one that could be deadly. It is best to let a professional ID the snake for removal if you have any doubt. If you think you have a venomous snake give us a call.

This is a picture of one the venomous snakes in Asheville. It is a copperhead or Agkistrodon contortrix.
Copperhead – one of two venomous snake in our area.
Picture of curled up Timber Rattlesnake found in a log pile by a home in Asheville NC
Timber Rattlesnake the other venomous snake in our area.

Asheville Snakes Removal from Yards

Snakes are common in our area; however, sometimes, they are an unwanted guest. We offer snake removal and relocation year-round. If you think you have more than one or two snakes and would like to remove them all, we offer two types of snake trapping. 6 Tips to Keep Snakes Out

Asheville Snake Trapping

If you need snakes trapped and humanly removed from your property, we offer two professional services. We place multiple low visibility traps throughout your property and check them twice a day for a week or until we are no longer catching any more snakes. We then provide you a detailed report of what snakes we found and solutions to prevent more snakes from moving into your property.

We offer large-scale trapping from significant problems with large traps. These traps can go longer between checks. And they tend to catch all the snakes in one area. These use drift lines and are designed to create a barrier for the snake and lead them into a trap.

Snake Removal Attic

If you think you have a snake in your attic, we can help remove and ID the snake. If you want your attic thoroughly checked for snakes and possible entrance points, we can do that as well. Generally, if you have snakes in your attic in the summer or spring months, you likely have a mouse problem. They may use your attic as a hibernation or den spot in the late fall and early winter.

Snake Repellents

They don’t work and are a complete waste of money. A better way to look at the problem is what is attracting the snakes in the first place. Are they looking for mice or lizards? Does your home offer them shelter? Address those issues, and you are likely to never see another snake at your house other than a passing garter snake.

Do mothballs work?

No, they are bad for you and the environment and can kill unintended targets like dogs. Mothballs are insect repellent. The best course of action is the eliminate the snake food source. A better investment would be a mousetrap. No mice, no snake in most cases.